The 6 P’s of Safe Space Strategy

You may think you’re just selling health protocol technology but think again. What you’re providing is a critical element of an end user’s ecosystem of care—and it’s all about keeping their business physically and fiscally protected.

Based on their real-world time in the trenches with key partners, inReality’s new white paper shares real-world guidance on:

  • The pillars of a Safe Space strategy
  • How businesses can make customers feel safe enough to come back in
  • How to keep employees safe and minimize risk if COVID strikes again
  • If it is enough to follow government mandates
  • How to secure an ROI on these new investments

Serving both the industry and end user customers alike, this is a can’t miss resource for today’s real world COVID challenges. Get it here:

Laura Davis-Taylor

“LDT” has been focused on creating meaningful retail experiences that bridge home, life and store for over 25 years. Her experience is multifaceted, ranging across brand planning, digital engagement, store design, CX, behavioral analytics and retail innovation. She believes passionately that good brands do not make promises—they deliver experiences in unique and compelling ways, human-focused but backed by proven business results. With this philosophy, she has worked with brands such as AT&T, Toyota, Walmart, Best Buy, Coke, L’Oréal/Lancôme, Lowe’s, Office Depot, Foot Locker, 7-Eleven, EJ Gallo and Unilever.