Case Study: How Non-technical Staff at Pickering Christian School Use Rise Vision for Inspiration, Guidance, and ‘Wow Factor’

(June 9, 2022) –– Rise Vision has released a new case study of Pickering Christian School which was established in 1985 to provide Christian education to children in the Pickering/Ajax area of Ontario, Canada. It was originally a branch school of the nearby Scarborough Christian School and was established in order to better service the Durham Region. Now, Pickering has grown from a small number of students to a thriving school community on a 26,000-square-foot purpose-built campus. As for what that purpose is, Pickering describes its ethos as ‘Educating the Whole Child’ using a model called ‘Profound Learning.’

Administrative Assistant, Deb Poggensee who has been helping Pickering achieve its mission for 29 years is often responsible for an assortment of projects including helping out the front counter, assisting parents, teachers, students, and volunteers, was tasked with managing the school’s digital signage. Deb’s situation is very familiar to other smaller organizations. She has no formal technical training and a full workload involving many disparate tasks, some rather unpredictable. So she’s busy and there’s significant pressure. She needs to find ways to communicate schoolwide, but there are limited options for selecting a tool to do that. 

In comes Rise Vision digital signage. Rise Vision was the perfect tool for Deb; the busy, self-taught communicator. Featuring a non-steep learning curve, which does not require background technical skills and knowledge, while also not time consuming, the school’s Development Director made the decision to use Rise Vision in 2018 which is now providing a ‘wow factor’ for Pickering Christian School.

Learn more about the benefits of Rise Vision for Pickering Christian school including accessing value, getting inspiration for schoolwide implementation in our latest case study: How Non-technical Staff at Pickering Christian School Use Rise Vision for Inspiration, Guidance, and ‘Wow Factor’


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