Case Study: JFK Airport | ITSEnclosures

Originally posted on 11 Jul 2013

The New York-New Jersey Port Authority (NYNJPA) is recognized as one of the nation’s most preeminent transportation and public planning authorities. With digital signage becoming more popular in the transportation industry, the NYNJPA was faced with the need to bring up to date information to the passengers of the JFK Airport Sky Train. The NYNJPA was interested in upgrading to large flat panel LCD’s to better inform their commuters of scheduling information and travel alerts. The ability to quickly change content also sparked their interest in running multiple advertisements. However, there were a number of factors to consider; potential vandalism, weather conditions, display visibility and functionality.

Ray Diaz, JFK Sky Train OPS manager at the NYNJPA, wisely took these challenges into consideration prior to moving forward with the display implementation project. “I researched display protection on the Internet and found ITSENCLOSURES to have the enclosures and flexible mounting solutions to meet our needs,” Diaz stated. Once engaged, ITSENCLOSURES was quick to step in and assess the environment. challenges included environmental conditions such as fluctuating temperatures and moisture. After working through various thermal management and mounting issues, ITS recommended using a combination of environmentally sealed ViewStation enclosures, protective CoverStation panels and recessed, in-wall ViewStation enclosures.


Production of the enclosures commenced and installation ensued shortly thereafter. Once installed Diaz said “We are very pleased with the enclosures, which have been in service for several months and some close to a year. We are presently considering installation of LCD’s at additional locations; ITSENCLOSURES will certainly be part of these future installations.


ITSENCLOSURES worked with IK Systems, an integrator for the JFK Airport Sky Train project. ITSENCLOSURES provided all of the engineering and production facets of the NYNJPA project. ITSENCLOSURES managed the distribution of the enclosures along with Melkon Babigian and Eric Hunt of IK Systems. The collaborative efforts allowed for a practical solution with the benefit of teamwork for a fully functional result.