Case Study: Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry


  • JIBEI needed a digital signage network for student and visitor communication at their two campuses.
  • The signage screens display a mix of class listings, seminar agendas, JIBEI history and project stories.
  • Project included 29 digital signage systems, content management software, content integrations and professional services.
  • JIBEI recorded improved class enrollment & visitor satisfaction


The Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry (JIBEI) upgraded their New York campuses with 29 digital signage systems. Powered by the Mvix platform, the digital signage network drives the student and visitor experience and adds visual appeal to the campuses.

Signage screens in the Long Island Education Center provide students with class listings, agendas for special programs and seminars, and dynamic menus in the cafeteria. Displays in the new Electrical Industry Center in Queens highlight notable projects such as the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center. They also display important milestones in JIBEI’s history.


JIBEI was founded in 1943 to build and promote harmony within the electrical industry and to address labor-management issues for electrical workers and contractors in the state of New York.

Training and education are the primary goals and functions of JIBEI. Through the Joint Apprenticeship Training Program, apprentices receive an intensive, disciplined 5 ½-year training course that includes 8,000 hours of classroom and on-the-job training. This continuing education program provides electrical workers with safety and advanced technology courses to help them maintain their skills and keep them up-to-date on the latest industry advancements and code changes.

JIBEI also administers all the plans and benefits that are collectively bargained between employer contractors of New York and Local Union No. 3 of IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers). It also coordinates all labor-management efforts for construction division members and over 300 contributing affiliated contractors, as well as the other 14 divisions of Local Union No. 3. Through this progressive collective bargaining process, JIBEI has facilitated the creation of many successful employee benefit plans.

| The Challenge

JIBEI needed a platform that would create two distinct experiences at each of the campuses.

JIBEI had the makings of digital signage already in place. The lobby at the Long Island Education Center had a digital board that displayed the agenda for weekend seminars and special courses. Residence halls and dorms were equipped with TVs where a dedicated JIBEI channel also displayed meeting agendas and announcements.

JIBEI needed to replace the fragmented network with a single platform for managing all communications – class listings and agendas displayed in the lobby and student lounges and dynamic menus in the cafeteria. They also needed a professional solution that would add visual appeal to the campus.

While the Long Island Education Center targeted labor union members, the newly constructed Electrical Industry Training Center in Queens targeted visitors and guests of the board. The goal was to familiarize visitors with the history of the organization and its missions, and showcase projects it has undertaken. The displays would also present historically-significant JIBEI events and inform visitors about available educational programs.

Although each campus had distinctly separate needs, JIBEI wanted both on the same network, with the ability to control any of the individual screens from one central login.

What needed to be done:

  • Deliver two distinct experiences from one platform
  • Showcase the organization’s projects, history and purpose
  • Drive awareness of organization’s training programs & benefits
  • Fulfill varying audience needs from one platform i.e. display event listings, dynamic menus, announcements

| The Solution

Mvix worked with their AV partner Adwar Video to install 29 digital signage systems across the two campuses.

Paul Armato of Adwar Video worked closely with JIBEI to accurately identify their needs, objectives and ROI metrics. Adwar Video was onsite to provide installation and setup of the Mvix platform.

Once the pilot program was successfully executed, JIBEI approved a full roll out throughout the Queens and Long Island centers. Digital signage screens were installed at the Long Island Center lobby, residence halls and at the cafeteria.

The screens featured coordinated content that provided a consistent student experience throughout their stay at the campus. Announcements and news were displayed as text tickers on the digital menu boards, on welcome displays in the lobby and on the digital message boards in the residence halls. The screens would also display traffic information at the end of each seminar as students prepared to leave.

Mvix’s software, XhibitSignage, offered integration with JIBEI’s scheduling software, allowing administrators to easily display and updated class listings at the Long Island center. Agendas could also be updated on the fly, making sure students are empowered with the most up to date and accurate information.

The Electrical Industry Center in Queens featured smaller screens in the visitor center and lounge. JIBEI leveraged an XhibitSignage app, Profiles, to create digital information cards about the organization’s projects, including the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center.

Just like Long Island, the Queens center also displayed a listing of events including award ceremonies, board meetings, member appreciation and more.

JIBEI also leveraged Mvix’s 4K systems to display 4K videos of their members, executives, partners and milestones.

Content for both facilities was centrally managed at JIBEI’s headquarters in Queens. The ability to control the entire network from one platform, and monitored user activity, ensure content integrity and that unauthorized users do not have access to the network.

Components Used:

  • Content management software- XhibitSignage
  • 29 Xhibit HD content
  • Integrations – event listings, profiles, traffic
  • Professional services – education & training, hardware planning and quality assurance.

| The Results

JIBEI is enjoying a comprehensive digital signage network that allows them to have real-time interaction with their members, students and visitors.

From welcome screens in the lobby, menu boards in the cafeteria, and message boards in the residence halls, to screens in the visitor center, JIBEI’s digital signage network is helping them realize the goals of the project.

JIBEI has noted increased awareness of the programs they offer members. In fact, they recorded increased attendance for their “Critical Thinking” weekend seminars. At these seminars, the screens empower students with timely and relevant information regarding the courses they’re taking.

The network helped create an immersive experience at the Electrical Industry Center by making union members, students and visitors part of the story. JIBEI has recorded more engaged visitors, with most commenting on and praising the look of the new information displays.

The administrators and board members are equally pleased with the look of the displays and their flexibility, scalability and usability.

“We loved our first few displays, and when we decided to add more, we were really impressed with how the software could scale. The software allowed us flexibility to add and organize content without ever interrupting our normal workflow.” – Michael Yee, Director of the JIBEI


About the Companies


About Mvix

At Mvix, our love for technology drives who we are and what we do. For over a decade, we have been a leading provider of content-rich digital signage solutions that create memorable digital experiences in corporate offices, healthcare facilities, school campuses, restaurants and more. Our focus is on cost-effective, feature-rich, cloud-hosted solutions that, coupled with our engineers and creative team, build digital signage networks that turn browsers into customers and employees into brand ambassadors, all while enhancing brand awareness. Our software, XhibitSignage , recently won the InfoComm 2017 Best of Show Award – Digital Signage.

About the Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry

JIBEI was founded on March 30, 1943 when leaders from International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local Union No. 3 and the electrical contracting industry recognized the need for an organization that would build and promote harmony within the electrical industry and address labor-management issues for electrical workers and contractors.

Today, JIBEI continues to provide training, advanced technologies, and safety programs for New York’s electrical industry. It has developed into a renowned multi-employer organization which has become a role model for labor-management organizations throughout the state of New York and the country.

About Adwar Video

Adwar Video is a leading supplier of professional Audio/Visual equipment and services, offering design, installation, and full technical support services. Adwar has more than 30 years of experience in the AV industry and represents over 300 clients in markets ranging from education, government, corporate, and more. Adwar’s mission is to make a direct contribution to their customer’s businesses and successes by providing innovative and valuable products and services.