Cleveland Convention Center – CastNET

Originally posted on 14 Apr 2014

Objective of Project:

Opening in June 2013, the new Cleveland Convention Center is a LEED-certified facility with a 225,000 sq. ft. exhibition hall. Connected to the convention center is the Global Center of Health Innovation which is a four-story office complex dedicated to displaying the future of health and healthcare technologies.

Cleveland Convention Center partnered with iVideo Technologies in Cleveland, OH to install a massive CastNET digital signage system throughout the convention center and the Global Center for Health Innovation. The digital signage system includes 90 directional signs, 38 meeting room signs, five video walls, and 43 informational signs next to elevators.


To provide leading edge technology and comply with LEED, the convention center installed 90 advanced RGB LED signs from LightWild. These are static informational signs whose background lighting can be modified for each event. CastNET includes a special color command so that CastNET controls the background color of the LightWild signs. Over a million colors can be selected – very unique capability.
To make the system easy to use, CastNET developed an interface for Ungerboeck Event Management Software. As event data is entered into the software, it’s automatically scheduled to be played on the CastNET system.


Project Outcome:

Brian Cook, Technology Manager at the convention center, reports that the digital signage system has been a 100% success. It’s been easy to update and administer. The LightWild signs allow the convention to be easily branded for a major client who is using the facility by matching the screens’ background color to the client’s corporate colors. The video walls have been used to successfully promote both the facility and the city. The 32″ digital signs outside of the meeting rooms provide enough screen space to include both the schedule for the room’s meetings and promotional information about the facility and the city. The signs installed outside the elevators provide clear directional and schedule information. And, as important as any consideration, the system is powerful enough to support the future expansion when the Global Center installs a new kiosk and touch screen exhibition area.