Chairman’s Council

The independent voice for the digital signage industry

Digital Signage Federation

The DSF Chairman's Council fulfills DSF's need for a repository of leadership, talent and experience in the digital signage industry, as well as, to provide a foundation of continuity for the federation as it pursues its strategic initiatives and objectives.

The council is composed of the previous chairs of the DSF. Additionally, the immediate past chairman serves as the Council's Chairman.

The Chairman's Council serves as:

  • An advisory body to the DSF Executive Committee
  • A support group to the Executive Committee for the purpose of strategic or project development and interface with the Digital Signage Expo, the largest digital signage trade show in the world.

Richard Ventura

2017 and 2018 Chairman

Sony Electronics

2018 Legacy Award for International Affiliates and DOOH Primer

Bob Stowe

2011 DSF Chair

R.A. Stowe Consulting, LLC

2011 Legacy Award for Seal of Professional Excellence

Alan Brawn

2012 DSF Chair

Brawn Consulting

Digital Signage Experts Group

2012 Legacy Award for Standards for Digital Signage in Higher Education

Philip M. Cohen

2013 DSF Chair

Care Media Holding Corp

2013 Legacy Award for “Meet & Greet” Networking Events & DSF Membership Growth

Kimberly Sarubbi

2014 DSF Chair

Taurean Consulting

Saddle Ranch Digitial

2014 Legacy Award for DSF Regional Councils

Ken Goldberg

2015 DSF Chair

Real Digital Media

2015 Legacy Awards for DSF Europe


Randy Dearborn

2016 DSF Chair

MGM Resorts International

Len Dudis

Immediate Past Chairman

Grupo Vidanta

Chief Information Officer

LinkedIn Profile

Spencer Graham

Spencer Graham

2019 - 2021 DSF Chair