The heart of our organization

Digital Signage Federation

Committees are the heart of our organization. Through our volunteers efforts' come much of the success of our organization in becoming the leading association in the digital signage industry. There are five top-level committees and sub-committees under each of those.

The Executive Committee consists of the five executive officers (Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and Director of Marketing) of the Digital Signage Federation. The committee is responsible for the strategic direction of the association.

Chairman: Len Dudis - Grupo Vidanta

Vice Chairman:  Ryan Cahoy

Treasurer:  Wayne Rasor

Secretary: Frank Pisano

Director of Marketing: Paul Fleuranges

The Marketing Committee works together to advocate and educate different market verticals/end users on the benefits of and how to get started with digital signage and the DSF. The committee also advocates for market vertical events for the DSF to participate in.

Co Chairs:

  • Wayne Rasor
  • Kristin Roubie
  • Paul Fleuranges

The Education Committee works together to develop an annual curriculum of education, utilizing the methods of webinars, whitepapers, and articles. The committee is responsible for the educational works of the DSF to its members and industry. They develop and recruit webinars, whitepapers, and articles throughout the year. The committee also advocates certification within the industry.


  • Tony Green– Snap Install


  • Paul Fleuranges 
  • Kym Frank 
  • Michael Katz 
  • Michelle Truong

The Membership committee works together to recruit, retain, and promote membership in the DSF. The committee is also responsible for the development and marketing of various member programs (publication of member press releases, VIP service program, connecting members with each other, case study publication), benefits, and discount programs available to members.

Co Chairs:

  • Frank Pisano
  • Jeff Weitzman

Serving on a Committee

A member must keep in mind that DSF is a unique organization in that members come from a broad spectrum of the world wide digital signage industry, interactive technologies, and the digital out of home network industry. DSF Members include end users, designers, suppliers, manufacturers, marketers, the media and anyone else involved in this dynamic industry. They do business throughout the United States, Canada and countries spread throughout the world.

You should agree to:

  1. Be a member in good standing of the Digital Signage Federation.
  2. Attend and participate in a conference call meeting once each quarter.
  3. Attend and participate in a meeting held during the annual Digital Signage Expo.
  4. Work as a member of a team who disparate functions contribute to a common goal.
  5. Commit to sharing the workload of the committee and accomplish the tasks assigned.
  6. Respect different points of view.
  7. Respect time limits which are necessary to achieve the committee’s goals.
  8. Provide written or verbal feedback on issues or documents under discussion by the committee.
  9. The Chairman of each committee shall strive to maintain a fair and balanced representation of the DSF membership on each committee.


* Please specify your committee interest within the comments section