Global Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Council

Support out-of-home advertising companies, agencies, and brands

Digital Signage Federation

The Digital Signage Federation® Global Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Council is an affiliate organization with a worldwide purview specifically to support the needs of companies involved in the intersection between out-of-home advertising and the digital signage industry.

The primary objective of the DSF Global Digital Out-of-Home Council is to provide a resource for DSF members to build their capacity to support out-of-home advertising companies, agencies, and brands. Much of this capacity will be developed through conformity of analytics, ad buying, and technology deployment. The group will work on achievable goal, including:

  • Identifying gaps in the commercial relations between out of home advertisers and digital signage networks and plan for ways to bridge these gaps using the platform of the DSF;
  • Adoption of existing industry standards and practices, all of which will be communicated to DSF members;
  • Creating professional development resources for the digital signage industry to provide a broad understanding of ad buying practices;
  • Working with related industry associations to collaborate on aligning the goals of signage technology and out of home advertisers; and
  • Creating an environment where qualified digital signage suppliers and networks can support the business interests of advertisers.

2019 Members

Global Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Council Co-Chairs

  • Sheldon Silverman / CEO and Founder, SmartBomb Media Group
  • Kym Frank / President & CEO, Geopath
  • Michael Cooper / Global President & CEO, Rapport Worldwide

Council Members

  • Matthew Hurwitz / Manager, International Creative Advertising, Sony Pictures
  • David Krupp / President & COO, Billups
  • Susan Danaher / Founder, The Danaher Group
  • Jeffrey Martin / President & CEO, Right Media Solutions
  • Travis Macionsky / VP, Director, Horizon Media
  • Joel Braswell / Sr. Manager, Connections Planning, Coca-Cola
  • Michael Provenzano / Founder & CEO, Vistar Media
  • Chad Stoller / EVP, Global Chief Innovation Officer, UM Worlwide
  • Guillermo De Lella / Groupo Alsur - Argentina
  • Fernando Mayorga / Chief Technology Officer - livedooh GmbH - Germany
  • Ichiro T. Jinnai / Director, Out-of-Home Media Services Division - Dentsu Inc. - Japan
  • Joe Copley / Director, Strategic Partnerships - Seedooh - Australia

Chairman's Advisor to the Global DOOH Council

  • Philip Cohen/ President, CMN Holdings and former DSF Chairman