Regional Councils

Opportunities in specific geographic regions

Digital Signage Federation

The DSF Regional Council program began in 2014 as an initiative to help create regional networks of professionals who work with digital signage or would like to know more about it. The objective is to create member-initiated and supported groups who provide professional development and networking opportunities in specific geographic regions. Regional groups may operate based on local needs and the  makeup of their constituencies while targeting specific education programming based on localized examples.

We hope you consider attending one of their events and get to know the digital signage community in your region.

Regional Council provides DSF members in the area with:

  • Local opportunities for networking and industry education on a continual basis
  • Membership Outreach
  • An open line of communication with digital signage efforts that develop locally
  • A voice with the DSF leadership for members in the area


Patrick Neff
Miller Zell
Atlanta Council Chair
Kevin McDonald
Event Chair
Mohamed Ghalayini
Media Mea
Engagement Co-Chair
Mark Geiger
Georgia World Congress Center
Engagement Co-Chair


Brian McClimans
Peerless AV
Susan Aicher
Keyser Retail Solutions

Event Sub-Committee

Randy Gress
Next/Now Agency
Shannon Robaczewski
Sherlock Systems

Engagement Coordinators

Lia Osburn
Elevate Digital
Susan Rees
Moving Murals/Epic Eye
Laura Cison
Tech Global
Manny Almagro
TPN Retail
Kendra Philips
DSF NYC Events Chair
Scott Falso
Seneca Data
DSF NYC Promotions Chair
Stephanie Gutnik
Kelly Smith
Capital Networks
Marcos Terenzio
Shikatani Lacroix Design
Janna Rider
American Dairy Queen Corp.
Paul Redding
NEC Display
Elizabeth Klauda
Milestone AV Technologies

How Do I Start a Regional Council in my Area?

After reviewing the Regional Council Guidelines, you'll need to identify three key people to take on the positions of Council Chair, Council Events Chair, and Council Promotions Chair. These positions work with the DSF Membership Director and Committee Chair to promote and advance the Council's activities. Below is a guide to help you understand the roles and responsibilities of these Council positions:

Council Chair
  • Convene planning meetings
  • Ensure roles are all filled
  • Work with Membership Director on staff support needs
  • Annual commitment, renewed each July
  • Chair two (2) planning meetings/calls per calendar year
  • Quarterly call with Membership Director
  • Attendance at council events
Council Events Chair
  • Establish dates and locations for two (2) events per calendar year
  • Coordinate presenters at events
  • Work with DSF staff to plan events and provide information for event financial arrangements
  • Complete budget and planning forms for events
  • Manage 2-3 event planning calls per event
  • Site inspections for each event
  • Act as hosts and registrars for events
  • Attend two (2) planning meetings/calls per calendar year
Council Promotions Chair
  • Work with DSF staff to update DSF website with Council information
  • Create content for marketing emails to be sent out to membership
  • Quarterly review of Council webpage on DSF site
  • Write promotional content
  • Maintain council presence on social media
  • Attend two (2) planning meetings/calls per year