The Digital Signage Federation® Global Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Council is an affiliate organization with a worldwide purview specifically to support the needs of companies involved in the intersection between out-of-home advertising and the digital signage industry.

The primary objective of the DSF Global Digital Out-of-Home Council is to provide a resource for DSF members to build their capacity to support out-of-home advertising companies, agencies, and brands. Much of this capacity will be developed through conformity of analytics, ad buying, and technology deployment.  The group will work on achievable goals in 2019, including:

  • Identifying gaps in the commercial relations between out of home advertisers and digital signage networks and plan for ways to bridge these gaps using the platform of the DSF;
  • Adoption of existing industry standards and practices, all of which will be communicated to DSF members;
  • Creating professional development resources for the digital signage industry to provide a broad understanding of ad buying practices; this will include the development of the Digital Out-of-Home Summit before DSE in March 2020;
  • Working with related industry associations to collaborate on aligning the goals of signage technology and out of home advertisers; and
  • Creating an environment where qualified digital signage suppliers and networks can support the business interests of advertisers.



The 2019 Council Members are:

Global Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Council Co-Chairs

  • Sheldon Silverman / CEO and Founder, SmartBomb Media Group
  • Kym Frank / President & CEO, Geopath
  • Michael Cooper / Global President & CEO, Rapport Worldwide

Council Members

  • Matthew Hurwitz / Manager, International Creative Advertising, Sony Pictures
  • David Krupp / President & COO, Billups
  • Susan Danaher / Founder, The Danaher Group
  • Jeffrey Martin / President & CEO, Right Media Solutions
  • Travis Macionsky / VP, Director, Horizon Media
  • Joel Braswell / Sr. Manager, Connections Planning, Coca-Cola
  • Michael Provenzano / Founder & CEO, Vistar Media
  • Chad Stoller / EVP, Global Chief Innovation Officer, UM Worlwide
  • Guillermo De Lella / Groupo Alsur – Argentina
  • Fernando Mayorga / Chief Technology Officer – livedooh GmbH – Germany
  • Ichiro T. Jinnai / Director, Out-of-Home Media Services Division – Dentsu Inc. – Japan
  • Joe Copley / Director, Strategic Partnerships – Seedooh – Australia

Chairman’s Advisor to the Global DOOH Council

Philip Cohen/ President, CMN Holdings and former DSF Chairman