Douglas College Video Wall Installation Project: Peerless-AV

Originally posted on 05 Dec 2012

Objective of the Project

The open air atrium of the Campus Centre at the New Westminster Campus of Douglas College in Vancouver, BC, is the heart of student life and the visual centerpiece of the campus. Three floors of open air and natural light provide a framework for casual and formal meetings as well as easy access to campus business and student support services. As the administration began planning renovation of the facility and an update to the centre’s architecture, they quickly realized a large-scale presentation system would be needed to facilitate communication with visitors to the building. A few discreet video monitors were not going to cut it – this job was going to require something extraordinary.
It became clear to the Douglas design team that a hinged mounting system attached to a main structural upright located in front of the student commissary might be the only viable location. With the right design and hardware, a large presentation screen could be suspended in a way that would enable the display to be turned to the back and left for general viewing, but also turned forward for formal presentations. No commercially available solution could handle all the requirements for strength, durability, and fluid motion that this project presented, so Douglas College called on the Peerless-AV Custom Solutions Team.



Installation In Process


Project Outcomes:

After the architectural firm’s designs were presented, approved, and accepted by the College in May 2011, the Peerless-AV Team took on the challenge. They came back just eight weeks later with a preliminary design and concept. The video wall matrix would hold nine 46” NEC displays in a 3 x 3 array. Each screen would need to independently move in and out to address any maintenance or service issues. The total weight that would have to hang and move on the two hinges was approximately 1,800 pounds. The entire apparatus would be balanced so that one person could change the viewing angle of the display.

By early August, the final product was completed and shipped to British Columbia. Once on the site, installing the unit was the final challenge. Special scaffolding was erected just for the installation of the mounting system. Almost a ton of weight was being added to the structural upright so careful adjustments had to be made to counterbalance the additional load that the structure would bear.

By September 22, 2011, the Douglas College administration and student body unveiled the new display system at a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by the Peerless-AV Custom Solutions Team. Everything worked perfectly. The display, easily moveable by a single person, could face outward for general usage, or turn inward for formal presentations.

The product ultimately delivered by the Peerless-AV Custom Solutions Team was strong, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing, fitting in seamlessly with the design of the space and the needs of the people who use it. On time, on budget, on target, and exceeding expectations, this project was a win for all involved.