Scalable, Flexible Digital Content Delivery makes Popstar Networks, featuring AOPen Media Players, the Ideal Co-Stars for Cinema Scene Marketing

Originally posted on 11 Apr 2012


Objective of the Project:

Cinema Scene Marketing, one of the nation’s leading providers of in-lobby media and promotions, uses Popstar Networks to provide digital signage software and digital media services in support of Cinema Scene’s growing Lobby Digital Media Network – currently boasting more than 600 displays in more than 200 theater locations nationwide.
Cinema Scene draws on Popstar Networks’ extensive expertise and proven successes in digital signage solutions to provide dynamic in-theater marketing, through high-definition motion picture trailers, product information, targeted messages, and interactive experiences to moviegoers before and after the show. Cinema Scene was looking to launch a Digital Media Network, featuring a new flagship product – TrailerVision™, combining elements of a static movie poster with digital technology to stream movie trailers and advertisements in potentially hundreds of theater lobbies.
Through their due diligence efforts, Cinema Scene quickly saw the need for a digital signage software solution that could:
  • Scale to the needs of hundreds of locations, potentially thousands of screens
  • Support a nationwide network with a variety of location, monitoring, and integration needs
  • Easily be managed by a small team
  • Reliably deliver bandwidth-intensive HD-quality multimedia content.
  • Most importantly, Cinema Scene saw the need for working with theright software partner to help design and implement a complete solution.
The Solution:
The Popstar Networks team worked closely with Cinema Scene to fully assess the unique technical and operational challenges of this extensive rich-media network, and then recommend and implement solutions supporting Cinema Scene’s aggressive growth plans.
During the project, the Popstar Networks team:
  • Recommended hardware and kiosk specifications, network connectivity, and integration for wired and wireless networks
  • Re-engineered content specifications to reduce to enable consistently higher quality audio/video, while reducing bandwidth requirements by 2/3
  • Integrated with other third party hardware and software, providing a single point of management for all devices and applications
  • Detailed the end-to-end development of a SaaS-based digital signage software platform, networking services, hardware design, and high-quality digital content.
  • Provide network-wide digital content management through a single interface
  • Proactively deliver network support through advanced player-side intelligence that utilizes device communications to determine error conditions as they arise, and notify Managed Services
  • Enable management of nationwide network backbone through a single console
  • Provides proof-of-play and operational metrics through an auditable data aggregation pipeline, which enables customized proof-of-play reports to be delivered to advertisers sponsors.
The Hardware:
The Popstar Networks utilizes AOpen Digital Engine series ultra-small form factor media players to drive their software solution for Cinema Scene’s TrailerVision. Since April of 2008, Popstar Networks has relied upon AOpen for their media players, including the AOpen DE945, DE965 and DE45. Nearly 400 Digital Engine media players have been deployed across the United States for TrailerVision as of 2011 and 200 more are planned by the end of 2012.


AOpen Digital Engine Media Player
“We’ve had customers who tried other solutions, but in the end were only successful deploying AOpen Digital Engines.  AOpen truly understands the needs of the digital signage industry, and builds reliable platforms to meet those needs.”
-Dane Oldridge, VP, Technical Sales, Popstar Networks


The Results:
Using a combination of Popstar Networks’ digital signage software and services, featuring AOpen Digital Engine media players, the company successfully delivered a complete digital marketing solution for Cinema Scene comprising of up to five different digital formats at a single location, including: passive, 3D, semi-holographic projection, touchscreens and digital menu boards for concessions.
Popstar Networks’ solutions for Cinema Scene have effectively scaled from 17 theaters initially to more than 250 theaters today with more than 500 TrailerVision displays undefined with more in the pipeline.
“Major Hollywood studios and corporations of all types rely on Cinema Scene to reach and interact with consumers every day through our digital signage network. Popstar Networks’ digital signage software and services gives us confidence in our continued growth.”
-Joe Ross, Managing Principal, Cinema Scene
Cinema Scene is now distributing more than eight terabytes of media-rich data annually from a single, Cloud hosted environment. Moreover, the effectiveness of Cinema Scene’s Digital Media Network has opened doors to new opportunities to provide other in-theater promotional support.


About Cinema Scene:
Cinema Scene Marketing is an industry leader in driving theatrical promotions for major studios and corporate sponsors. Cinema Scene’s in-lobby promotions generate memorable brand exchanges with highly-desirable entertainment consumers. The Cinema Scene Digital Media Network provides advertisers the opportunity to entertain movie audiences via next-generation media platforms in an organized network of cinemas covering key U.S. markets.

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About Popstar Networks:

Popstar Networks delivers advanced digital signage solutions that extend the power of traditional and digital marketing and merchandising programs on-site or in-store to help you achieve more – more customer satisfaction, more control, more flexibility, and more results from your digital signage network. Popstar Networks’ innovative solutions give you complete control to centrally manage rich content across multiple locations, easily integrate passive and interactive displays, and wirelessly network dozens or thousands of locations. For more information about Popstar Networks’ digital signage solutions:
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About AOpen:
AOpen America, Inc. a pioneer in the ultra-small form-factor (uSFF) industry has cultivated a sophisticated ecosystem of premium solution providers along with distribution channels.
The company has built a strong reputation as a digital signage specialist and works closely with its alliance partners, who are available to consult and assist on a per-project basis. The alliance force simplifies the process of bringing digital signage to market.

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